In Windows 10, pressing file explorer shortcut key Win + E, opens file explorer with list of all the previously
opened files and folers. Some might feel easy to access recently used files and folders but, some of you guys might want to
keep it a privacy. So, here’s the workout for you guys to disable or hide the list of previously visited folders and
opened files.

Step 1: Open File explorer simply pressing the shortcut key (Win + E) or clicking the explorer icon from the taskbar.
Step 2: From the topmost toolbar option, go to view, and then in the right end of its dropped down options, click on Options
and then click on change folders and search options.

img 1

Step 3: A menu box will open and at the end of it, In the privacy section, check out the two menus. and the Apply and OK will do the work.

img 2

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