Out of internet connection? Well, don’t worry, google chrome is there to help you kill your time until you get your internet connection back working.

Modern games are all full of with high graphics and textures. They always tend to have real world like environments and motions which makes us addicted to it till the moment we complete the game. But, Classic Games, despite of being outdated still has its remnants in modern day, just as in the google chrome. Classic games never get old and can be addictive if you are a gamer and want to cross your high scores. Well, google chrome has got one of the T-Rex dinosaur to help you out with kill your boredom.



No Internet Connection or Limited Internet Connection.

Or, you can just turn off your Internet connection to enjoy the thrill. 🙂

This function of google chrome is available in both PC and smartphones.

First, without Internet connection, you will be greeted with page something like this.


If you’re on windows, then simply pressing the spacebar will get you start the game. Pressing up arrow will make jump and down arrow will make you crawl.

If you’re on smartphones, simply touching the screen will start the game.

Enjoy!!! And beat down my high score if you can.. 🙂

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