You might get surprised but reality was latest version of Netflix installation was being denied on Android smartphones with root access . The company revealed that it was using Wide-vine, which blocks the installation of apps on devices that do not comply with security rules.

Because of this, it was predicted that google might publish unique policy better than Netflix but it is now known that this is a new option that is available to all who have applications published in the Google Play Store.Users also experienced a unique or strange behavior i.e  devices having  root access could not find the app for installation in the Play Store, something that confused many users.

The truth is that this new feature is now an option that all programmers can use when submitting their applications in the Play Store. They can limit their access only to devices that comply with security rules, with the presence of root mechanisms one of which is verified[].

The perfect solution is, downloading the APK via third party source or store.

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