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Here is the tutorial for buying custom domain through MSDN Subscriptipn and deploying that domain with web apps or website in windows azure. For this, you can follow the video tutorial as well as see the steps given below with screenshots.
Tutorial Video:


Following are the steps to buy domain in windows azure ,and connect that domain with the web apps or the website we will create:
1.First of all,Sign in by clicking on this link:
2.You will be forwarded to this portal i.e azure portal

3.Select the Web apps menu from the menu bar of the azure
4. Then,click the button add + from the newly open web apps status box.
5. After that,name the webapp to create it
6. Select the desired resource group you want and app service plan you deserve.
7. Finally,Click the Create button.
Congratulation,your new web app or website storage has been created or deployed.And System will redirect you to the main page of the azure portal automatically.
8. Click your newly created app.
9. After this,Click setting from the tool bar and side web app setting will pop upon the right side.
10. Select Custom domain and SSL from the Routing menu.
11. Again,Click Buy Domain from the newly open side box.
12. Search for domain and select your desired domain name.
13. Fill up required contact information correctly.
14. Left the check box in the default state
15. Accept the purchase confirmation and click Buy Button.
16. You will be directed to the following page.
Congratulation,your Desired domain has been purchased.
17. Select your app,you will see following page.

When,you click the domain you will be redirected to the domain you want to host.

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