With the new PC or laptop, we want to do a lot of things inside it. We want to store our files, documents, movies, series etc and lots of things. First, we need to have storage medium. SO most of us now have 500 GB or even 1 TB hard disk but by default hard disk aren’t partition but left to be done by users. So in this tutorials we will be learning how to create partition in windows. (Note that partition can be done from the blank space on hard drive or from existing partition.)

1. First go to ‘Run’ and type diskmgmt.msc


2. You will see the Disk management screen and all the drives (if already partitioned) or a single disk.

3. Click on the disk and you will see the different option click on the shrink volume. It will go on querying the volume and provide you the available size option to create a new partition.

4. Enter the required size in MB you want to partition. Then click shrink option.


5. See now you have a new partition that is created but it can’t be shown to the PC because it is unallocated.


6. Right Click on the newly created volume and you will see option new simple volume,


7. Click on next, next and you will reach to the place to assign a name. Assign any name and click on next.5

8. Now the next step is to format partition. I strongly recommend you guys to format the partition.

9. Format the partition using NTFS as file system. And click next6

10. It goes on formatting and once the formatting is done the drive is available for use.7

To merge this partition to another partition

Remember the partition you used to create can only be use to merge.

For e.g. you used Drive E to create F and already has drive like C and D then you can’t merge F to D or C.

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